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Metal Nanopowders Limited is a spinout company from the University of Birmingham. The company specializes in the production and development of nanopowders in both small and large quantities from a range of materials including metal, oxide, nitride, and carbide with exceptional purity and physical properties using our patented process. 


The process involves the evaporation of either bulk or granular materials using a cost-effective concentrated heat source provided by an arc-discharge method. The process offers: 

Energy efficiency.

Flexibility on the choice of raw material.

Easily scale up to large batch production.

Applicable to a wide variety of materials (e.g. metal, oxides, nitrides, carbides). 

Our facilities allow us to produce a range of nanopowders (e.g. Al, Mg, Fe, Ni, Cu, Ag, ZnO, TiN) with exceptional purity & physical properties.


The company offers the supply of standard nanopowders, development of specialised nanopowders and licencing of nanopowder application and production IP.

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Metal Nanopowders Limited

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